A Toshiba Protege To Partner This Holiday Seasons

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Christmas is up and I'm sure many people are enjoying this joyous spirits that surrounds us. I was looking for to it and I have a lot of fun. Exchanging gifts with your love ones and giving gifts to your godchildren. It was so fun that I ended up being worn out after this holiday season. The thing that I want to write about now is that the new gift that I have given to my son which is the new Toshiba Protege R835 - P56X. He wanted it so much the last time he saw it on the store and I am just granting his wish. This is really great that he had this kind of gadget with him. I was checking it up and I found out about some great about this device.

Before anything else, let me tell you something about Toshiba. We can always hear their name on television or read something about them on the newspaper, magazines and etc. As to let you know that they were held as fifth-largest personal computer vendor ont he whole wode world and within that year too they were also granted as the world's fouth-largest manufacturer of semiconductors. So we can assert that they can give us the best quality that a manufacturer can give to their consumer.

For the start Toshiba Protege R835-P56x is a 13.3 widescreen display and it is very light weight for its size that is 3.2 lbs. The flashing color blue magnesium alloy casing seem to attract my eyes because that color is my favorite and so my son. It really grand that they had mad it as magnesium alloy casing that can give us the impression of high impact resistance. So on, The touchpad were great that you can enjoy your exposure with the what we call multi-touch tap that can let you do like pinch, swipe, roll and etc. It's now used nowadays because it can give you a greater experience on your touchpad. Now we will go to the built in camera and microphone that is more convenient to have. Some of the laptops they don't have built in camera or microphone which is really sad because laptop are used for us to make communication worldwide. For me, it is much more convenient than having more thing around my bag for me to able communicate. Anyways, one admirable about this one is that it has the hard disk impact sensors which can give you the safeguard of your disk whenever you unintentionally drop or a sudden movement that can cause ruckus. It is really great that we will never worry that our files will be loss or whatever. Also the keyboard is a spill proof resistant that when you knock off some water in it will be still okay. The bad thing about having this keyboard is that it will squeak.

Now we will move on to the graphics and I can assure you that it is the best and one that I can recommend for those who love travels. It is so light weight that I can just bring it anywhere me and my son go to have some fun. I guess the only downfall for this one is that the battery is not that strong, it could just last for 4 hours with consistent using. I'll have you my summary of the new Toshiba Protégé R835-P56X for you to able to grasp about this gadget.

Toshiba Protégé R835-P56X (Summary of Qualifications)

- Intel Core i515-2410M

Operating System:
- Windows 7(64 bit)

Graphics Engine and Memory:
-Mobile Intel HD Graphics with 64MB-1696MB

Memory and Storage:
- 4GB of DDR3 1333MHz memory
- 640GB HDD
- DVD-SuperMulti drive

Display Resolution:
- 1366 x 768 (HD)

- Headphone and Microphone jacks
- Standard stereo speakers

- Intel Wi-Fi Wireless networking
- LAN (Local Area Network)

- Memory Card Reader
- 1USB port (2.0)
- 1 USB port (3.0)
- 1 eSATA/USB (2.0) combo port with Sleep and Charge
- HDMI output port.

- $799.99

I am glad that I can make my child smile and can have more fun on holidays than usual. I am writing this so that I can share to wide world web about the Toshiba Protégé R835-P56X circumstances and for my satisfaction since I bought it for my son. Christmas is done here and some part of the world but for those who's Christmas day is just starting have a Merry Christmas everyone.

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My son really love Toshiba Protege R835-P56X and so this is what he gets this holiday season and we spent so much time together having fun around this gadget. Have a happy holiday everyone.

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A Toshiba Protege To Partner This Holiday Seasons

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A Toshiba Protege To Partner This Holiday Seasons

This article was published on 2011/12/27